Friday, April 24, 2015

Quilts please!

As I live in DUNGOG, people have contacted me and asked if I need help...fortunately I don't but others do.. especially my friend. 
 You would recognize the image from TV of the house floating away.. well that belonged to my friend Colleen. 
 She lived there with her husband and her elderly mother. PLUS, her son owned the house next door (also floated away). He lived there with his partner & 2 small children. They have lost EVERYTHING, house, contents AND LAND.
 (You can insure your house & contents, but not the actual land)...
How can you help?... QUILTS!

Most of the people I am giving to are adults.

If you send to me, along with giving to my friend Colleen & her son,  I would give to the elderly people who have lost their homes... The flood went through the elderly settlement flooding EVERY unit to the ceiling.
If you send a quilt, I would like to have you name, address AND email address, so I can take a photo of the person receiving it and email it back to you, to prove that the quilt is going to someone.
Please message me if you will help and I will give you my postal address.
I don't mind if you advertise this post to your quilting (or crocheting or knitting) friends.



  1. Way to go Jewells............I will have at least 1 quilt for you see what else I can find...........

    mine will be for a man....thanks heaps for organising this.............

  2. Just terrible Jewells. I have two female quilts I can happily send.

  3. I will have something here for sure Jewells will email....

  4. I will organise something too, will be in touch.

  5. Could you please email Roma Patchwork and Crafter Inc. your address so that we can send you some quilts. Our email address is
    Thank you Gayle

  6. I have a top that would suit a man, just needs borders to make it a big bigger and then quilting. Give me a couple of weeks to get that done then I will post it.

  7. Hi Jewells,
    There are 4 quilts ready to come to you from Roma in Qld. I have emailed you for info.