Friday, April 10, 2015

All for same customer

Since coming home from holidays & Nanna duties, I have been inundated with quilts to quilt for customers... since the 2nd of this month (8 days ago), I have finished 19 quilts and have another 10 here to quilt, plus 2 more customers are coming this weekend with more quilts!

It's a bit like, one step forward and three steps back!

You'd think I would be stressing, but unbelievably, I'm not... just over the moon & enjoying every moment.

These 7 smallish quilts are are all for the one lady, who picks up and drops more off... she has a cupboard full of different sized quilts to be quilted (these were all the cot size ones)... think she is coming to the end of them now.

Until nest post...


  1. so pleased your busy busy.............loving life............

  2. It's great that you are getting lots of quilts. Have fun.

  3. I'm sure she will LoVe them all...xox