Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Swap -To Gina from Glenda

 As neither Gina nor Glenda have a blog and they both participated in my Easter Swap, I thought I would show you what Gina (Australia) got from Glenda (New Zealand).
E – Easter tin and Easter treats (I bribed the kids with the Easter treats this afternoon.. Pick up dog poo in the yard and they can have a chocolate each.. Job was done)
A – Address book (will fill this in and pop in my handbag as it is so compact and perfect for my bag)
S – Sticky notes (they are on my office desk ready to be used)
T – Tea – NZ tea.. (had a cup tonight and oh so yummy)
E – Egg natural soap (used it tonight when I had a shower and it has left my skin so soft)
R – Ribbons (my daughter claimed these for her hair)
T – Treats (I hate to say it but I did not just eat 1 chocolate.. I ate the entire 8 in one sitting as the voices in my head kept saying MORE MORE MORE.. They were YUMMM)
I – Ink pens (they are in my pencil case ready to use tomorrow at uni)
M – Money purse (this is in my handbag with lip glosses)
E – Easter egg moulds (the kids have TOLD me we are making chocolate eggs Friday using this)
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