Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Cat in the Hat Quilt Started

I bought 3 lots of fabric of "The Cat in the Hat" fabric (a panel, red with writing & blue with writing) years ago, with intentions of finding a pattern to make a quilt up...  the fabric got put away after a short while, only to be "found" again last week.  

Unable to locate a pattern (must admit, I didn't look real hard), I decided to "wing it" and cut & sew as I go.
First I cut up the panel & arranged the pieces to the way I liked it:
Then found some fabrics in my stash that will go nicely with it and came up with this as the centre:
 and now I am working on the "blocks" that will go either side of the centre block:
Even thou I don't like working without a pattern, I like how this is coming along (so far!)

Must get back to it!

Until nest post...


  1. I'm loving it too. Your complimentary fabrics are working a treat.

  2. it coming along fine Julie,love the cat in the hat.xx