Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quilting Machine Fixed!

 I forgot to mention before my last post, that my quilting machine (Mary) has been fixed....YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well after all wasn't actually "Mary" that had stopped functioning, it was the "Dell" computer that is attached to my machine that had failed.

After finally speaking to someone at Dell in Sydney, and him listening to the beeps the computer was making over the phone, he decided to send a technician (all covered by warranty) out with a new mother board.

Mr Fix-it arrived 2 days after the phone call, armed with new part and even thou he did replace the whole mother board, he said that what had let me down was the battery in the computer... do you know how large the battery is???..... it is like a large watch battery...the size of a 5 cent piece!

Apparently, the battery should work for the life of the computer, but this battery was a dud.  All that upset and expense over a $2 part?... at least it was easily fixed!

Until next post...