Sunday, May 18, 2014

2 Owl Quilts & a Teddy Cot Quilt

 First of all, the colours look muddy & washed out in the photos, but even though I have tried taking photos at different times of the day, they just don't show how pretty the colour really is.

I bought this fabric while in the States late last year, with a single bed quilt in mind.  There are 3 different fabrics used in this quilt, all from the same "range".  I was going to have a matching yellow owl fabric (shown in cot quilt below) on the back, but decided that fabric was too pretty to hide, so I used a soft mint green (again shown in cot quilt below) as the backing.
I had some border print fabric left over, so I made the following cot quilt from some of the left over...
 I used the mint green and the yellow owl fabric, along with some of the left over pink, then I also backed & bound it in the mint green.
A lady at Bingo, asked me if I had any cot quilts for sale, but she didn't know the gender of the coming great grand child.  After realising I had mainly girly quilts in my stash, I decided to make this Bear quilt up yesterday
I used a white on white fabric for the backing & front, then quilted it with a mint green cotton, and used up the last of my mint green fabric to bind it.
I used a 100% cotton wadding and was very pleased with the end result.

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