Sunday, December 29, 2013

Table Runners

I found this pattern in an old magazine and had to make it.  
The hardest part was choosing which fabric to sew.

 but... I bought this wonderful 60 degree ruler while in the States a couple of months ago.. unfortunately it arrived home broken, but my handy "other half" was able to glue it back together with no bumps, so my rotary cutter is still able to glide over it.
I experimented with it on 2 other fabrics first (making a runner from each fabric), then made up 4 table runners from this lovely light house fabric.
The slowest part is sewing on the binding.  I have only finished these 2 runners so far and have another 5 runners to bind.
 I can't do anymore at the moment, as I have a hole in my finger from pushing the needle through..
 I wish I could use a thimble, then I could just keep on binding!

Just another reminder about my Australia Day Swap... taking names closes on 6th January.

Until next post...


  1. Lovely table runners! I like looking through old quilt magazines- I always find something "new" I didn't notice before...

  2. lovely runners............what mag was the top one in??