Thursday, December 5, 2013

SSCS 2013 Has Arrived!

 Look what came in the mail!
I had just come home from a full day of visiting Mum in hospital, to see this parcel sitting on my kitchen table.
I ripped opened the satchel to find this inside. (Forgot to photograph the package before opening it!)
My SSCS2013 Secret Santa is Sharon Z.
 Isn't the presentation of the present beautiful?
My "other half" whisked it away and hid it before I had time to finish squeezing and prodding it to work out what was inside!
 So, I was left with this package to open now.
Isn't it just adorable?
I must get my decorations up, but after driving 90 mins each way, every day, to the hospital to visit Mum, I just collapse in the chair when I get home.
Poor Mum, has been on the waiting list for surgery since Sunday night and is still waiting... she was all gowned up, nil by mouth,  ready to go yesterday...all day... but  never got there.. they gave her something to eat at 7pm... and it will all happen again today...waiting, waiting...
They are going to put a "stent" from her kidney to her bladder, then 6 weeks later, she is to go back to have the kidney stone dissolved.. well that is what I was told "last time".

Until next post..


  1. What a lovely gift. This swap is such a great way to lead up to Christmas. I'm thinking of your Mum. I do hope they can do the surgery tomorrow and give her some relief.

  2. hope things have improved heaps with your Mum...........