Monday, December 2, 2013

A posting on my blog "at last"

Life just seems to be whizzing by and I keep thinking that I must post on my blog, but then realise I haven't done a stitch of sewing for quite a while (until 2 days ago), so thought I had nothing to post about... then I read a message from Chookyblue this morning, to all the SSCS2013 members saying that some of us aren't posting on our blogs enough... I felt guilty... so with camera in hand I raced up to the sewing room and took a couple of photos.

The first is a Santa kit I bought while in the States in October.  I started working on it a couple of days ago.  Felt good to finally get back to the machine.  It is a simple kit to make up, and it is so cheery and bright.  Just love it!
 The second photo is a quilt that Mum is making.  She was going along great, working on it each day, until 2 nights ago when she doubled over in pain.  Unfortunately, there were no doctors on call at my local hospital, so an ambulance took her to the nearest hospital, 45 mins away, where she stayed in emergency for 18 hours, having blood tests & x-rays and then was sent by another ambulance to another hospital, (now 1.5 hours away from here).  Mum was meant to have surgery straight away, but due to other emergencies greater than hers, she ended up having a "band aid" fix late last night and is scheduled for surgery "sometime" in the next couple of days....
her illness is due to a KIDNEY STONE!  You can't imagine how much pain one little itsy bitsy stone can make...  Mum is 81 years old.  Thank goodness for morphine!

Until next post...


  1. Oh dear, I do hope your mum is feeling better soon.
    Both of your projects are looking good, especially Santa.

  2. oh bugger.........hope your Mum is not in too much pain at the moment.............I have had gall stones and they were not good.............

    love theSanta was that a panel you have added to on the sides?