Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snowman Quilt Finished & Big News

I finally finished my Snowman Quilt and I am quite happy with how it has turned out.
It is made in flannel with wadding in between.
The glory of this quilt is, I don't need to send it to the quilter OR have to hand sew a binding on!

This is the front & back of the quilt

and this shows off the front and the back at the same time.

Now the big news.....
after all the time I have been whinging and complaining about my job (of 14 years) and being told by my doctor to resign as my blood pressure was still at 160/90 even though I am on 2 lots of daily blood pressure tablets.... I RESIGNED FROM MY JOB!

No - I don't have another job to go to, 
and Yes - I do need a job,
and Yes - my blood pressure has dropped dramatically!

I have been "unemployed" for 2 weeks now (let's call it temporary retirement!), and I have just come back from staying with a friend "in the sticks" (no mobile phone coverage, no TV or Radio, but plenty of fresh air), then visited my daughter & grand children.
I want to tidy up a few things and then I will look for new employment.

Until next post...


  1. Your quilt looks GORGEOUS .What a great finish..
    good luck finding a nice new job.

  2. Good luck with the job search but you're health is definitely more important so enjoy some time off! Love the snow man quilt...

  3. Love the quilt....and good on you!!!!! all the best...

  4. Your quilt looks fantastic, love it.
    Enjoy the rest and good luck finding a new job. xx

  5. Gorgeous quilt! Well worth all the effort. Love the colours.