Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snowman Quilt coming along

 Boy oh boy is this quilt taking some time!  and here I thought it would be a quick one to make!
I have now made 6 of the appliqued blocks and have 11 to go.  But I am really enjoying making it.
 After that, I join it and then snip all the edges to rag it.
From experience, I will go outside and snip it and take regular breaks, as I know of one lady who snipped her quilt in one sitting and ended up with her wrist in a brace for a few weeks!

I used this for the first time to applique the pieces and am VERY IMPRESSED!
You iron it onto your fabric, then you peel off the paper and it sticks to the next piece of fabric.  No ironing the second time with the risk of moving it.. it sticks itself and if you aren't happy with the placement, you take it off, reposition it and it sticks there... a bit like "sticky notes".

I was hoping to get this finished before I return to work on Wednesday after having the festive season off, but I can't see that happening!

I am planning on taking down the Christmas decorations tomorrow.. they took 5 hours to put up and I hope it only takes 1 hour to take down.  I know they are meant to stay up until the New Year, but I will be back at work then and won't have lots of time on my hands when I go back.

Until next post..


  1. Loving your snowmen. :-)
    I just may have to make something similar. L xx

  2. Your Snowmen are looking great!!! Keep going Jewells...