Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Block Made - 16 to go

I have just finished the first appliqued square and I just love it!

When placing the nose I realised that there was an error in the instructions.  There is only 3 of this type of Snowman in the quilt and in the picture the nose goes to the right, not the left, otherwise it didn't curl "up" right..  I checked that I had traced the pattern correctly and it did not say to reverse the tracing on this Snowman.
I also came across another error in the cutting out of the 6.5" squares... it was one short.  Again I recounted what I did and what the pattern said.  I counted the squares on the pattern and it was one short.
Very MINOR errors which shows that the "author" is only human.
I use to proof read patterns for a friend and I know how easy it is to miss something.  You actually "know" what it is meant to say, and sometimes you read what should be there.. when it isn't.
I found the safest way of proof reading a pattern was actually making the quilt as you read it.

Must get back to another square.

Until next post...

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  1. Looks fabulous...
    I didn't realise the Snowmen were appliqued. thought it was a pattern on the fabric...No wonder it is time consuming..
    Ignore my e-mail..LOL