Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Green Tomato Pickles and Cloth Swap

I took today off work to catch up on things at home and one was to make up 4.5 kilos of green tomato pickles!... you see in my vegetable garden I had 3 big tomato plants and the rest were cherry tomato plants. The 3 big tomatoes were hit by fruit fly, so they were pulled out and the tomatoes that weren't affected were kept to make the pickles. I ended up with 18 assorted sized bottle of pickles.

So in the last few days I have made 18 bottles of pickles and 9 bottles of Plum Jam. My fig tree is loaded with figs yet to ripen, so hopefully the fruit fly will stay away from them, as I have sold or given away all but 2 bottles of last year's fig jam, so I have room for this years!

I have learnt to number my bottles and lids before I sterilise them to make it easier to match the correct lid to the bottle, so much easier and quicker!

Also I am packaging up my cloth and tea to my partner in Jellywares Christmas Washer Swap. We had to include the partner's favourite blend of tea (English Breakfast, which is also my favourite tea) and a Christmas cloth. I am sending the Angel cloth that I designed.

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  1. Such a lovely wash cloth..... well done on the design...