Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nearly finished!

I have been using up most of my spare time knitting my boyfriend's jumper. I have nearly finished the knitting as that is the second sleeve I am just about finished. Then I have to sew it up, pick up the stitches for the neckband (yuk!) and then viola! it is finished!... his birthday is in September, so it will be finished and ready to give.

My boyfriend and I are going to a 90th birthday party on Saturday for a gentleman here in our hometown... we aren't meant to be taking a gift, but one must take one, don't you think?... so what do you give a man on his 90th birthday???.... well he is a tea drinker..."tea leaves, my dear, not those little feed bags that you dangle in your cup"... so I had a wooden open box, filled it with a selection of packets of tea LEAVES and a couple of packets of those chocolate swirled wafer biscuits, add a birthday card and there you have it... a useful gift that is practical and not very expensive... I am not even wrapping it, as he probably would not break open the wrapping... I don't have a photo as the gift is at my boyfriend's place.

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