Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Early retirement over!

Exactly 2 weeks ago (30th June), my boyfriend retired from milking cows after 40 years of milking twice a day with only missing about 7 days in all that time. In that 2 weeks he has been "fluffing" around filling in the days by splitting wood, mowing his and my lawn, pruning trees and generally doing odd jobs in between sleeping in front of his TV with the remote control in his hand (like all men!).

Well that all came to a grinding halt today when his brother, who had taken over the dairy, had a heart attack and was rushed to hospital this morning. His brother has had the blockage removed and a stint (is that what it is called?) put in, and will be laid up for a few weeks.

Thankfully my boyfriend hadn't gone away for a break and just stepped back into milking the cows.

Until next post..



  1. I hope your boyfriend's brother makes a speedy and full recovery. Lucky your boyfriend could step back into his boots (but hopefully not for too long).

  2. I hope the patient makes a speedy recovery and your bloke can get back to snoozing in front of the TV.