Monday, June 14, 2010

Cumquat Jam

This morning I made up some jam from the cumquat's from my tiny tree. It certainly was a procedure. The tiny cumquat's yielded enough seeds to plant a whole orchard, leaving me with 2 cups of chopped up cumquat's. Then you add 4 cups of water and leave to soak overnight. On day 2 you boil the water and cumquat's until the fruit is tender, then leave again to soak overnight. On day 3 you add 1.5 cups of sugar, boil for 45 mins and bottle... viola! 3 tiny bottles of jam.

Will try it on my toast tomorrow morning... as cumquat's are really soar, I am hoping the cooking will make a heap of difference!

Until next post..



  1. You should of posted a photo of the 'before' as I am blonde, mum, and have no idea what a cumquat is!!

  2. Boy, you are patient. Have you tasted your jam yet. I'm sure it will be yummy. My mum was given a bag of cumquats recently and very soon gave up on cutting them up and removing the seeds. She ended up making jelly instead, which was a bit easier. She also only got a few little jars. We have one here, but haven't opened it yet. We also took crabapples over to her a couple of years ago. After much mucking around she ended up with about 4 tiny jars. However, Mum really enjoys making jams and jellies and always gives Mick a jar for his toast.

  3. How does it taste Julie? My Nana had a cumquat tree and I couldn't stand the smell of the things, do they taste as bad as they smell? toni xxx