Friday, January 1, 2010

A Tisket a Tasket Blocks Made

I have been doing the free monthly pattern of A Tisket A Tasket and joined it all together last night. I have hand sewn the pattern in stem stitch using 3 strands of thread, then I colour matched the thread with fabric for each border, all being done in 100% cotton. So far the quilt top measures 36.5" x 48.5".
I was going to place a cream border all the way around it, then after quilting, add a multicoloured binding, but have decided to leave it as is and sell it on eBay as an UFO (Un-Finished Object). Don't get me wrong, I love how it has turned out, but I don't have room in or out of my cupboards for it. My daughter says she doesn't need anymore quilts and my Mother and Sister both quilt, and have the same problem as me with what to do with them after they are finished!

This way, by selling it on eBay, I will get "some" money back, so I can buy more fabric to make another quilt!

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