Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have been busy...honestly!!

Even though I haven't had time to do any much loved patchwork, I have been very busy with making Fig Jam twice a week (the tree just keeps producing!) and also knitting these Dish Cloths.. all being done after a full day's work as a Secretary.
I have knitted 9 of the 12 patterns out of the Dish Cloth Book I have, just got another 3 to make and then I have made them all! The other 2 multicoloured cloths are made up of left over balls of cotton, using the first pattern I had, which is oh so serviceable... the first cloth I had made in this pattern, lasted nearly a year with daily use and weekly washes.
The other things I am working on is a gift for a friend who's Birthday is at the beginning of March. She loves lighthouses, so I have decided to knit a dish cloth (blue item in the middle), make a tea-towel (or 2) out of the white honeycomb fabric (underneath dishcloth & fabrics) and decorating the tea-towel with a strip of the lighthouse fabric on the edge, then with the other pile of fabric, I am going to sew a paper pieced lighthouse pot holder.
Then lastly, my daughter asked me to make this dress for my granddaughter, so I bought the fabric and now I have to sew it together. The instructions said to buy a metre of the fabric, which I did, but I think they meant a metre of the UN-shirred fabric... ah well, there is enough to make 2 dresses for her... just have to buy more ribbon. I will make the second one a tad longer with different ribbon, so she will have 2 different dresses, 2 years apart.
Until next post...


  1. Oh wow! you have been busy!! Everything looks terrific! toni xxx

  2. Wow, you've been very busy. I love all your washcloths!