Sunday, May 29, 2016

Just Finished

Earlier this year, while I was away on "Nanna Duties", I took some embroidery to do in any spare time I had.
There were 7 patterns (one missing from this photo), so I embroidered a blue set and a pink set.
 Using fabric from my stash, I complemented the embroidered squares with a cute nursery theme.
As the 7th square didn't fit in with my layout, I again looked in my stash and came across a fabric that had nappy pins as the print...that made my mind up on which embroidered square to use in a third quilt.

 Using the nappy pin fabric as the light contrast, I made up this quilt yesterday afternoon, then quilted & bound it this morning.

I have become very UN-satisified with the 100% Australian cotton wadding I purchased a while ago... I bought 4 HUGE rolls, and am finding that the thickness varies considerably.... so much so, I have used TWO LAYERS of wadding in this quilt.

As I am unhappy with that wadding,  I decided to buy different wadding from a different supplier and use up the 100% cotton I have on my own quilts... or smallish customer quilts (less than 46" in width) all at double thickness.

Anyone else having problems with 100% cotton being too thin??????
This "third" quilt (yellow) measures 35" x 44"
.... as yet, I haven't finished the "first" quilt (pink one) and haven't started the "third" quilt (blue one).

Until next post...


  1. Such cute baby quilts... Oh how annoying to have purchased your rolls of wadding no it's too thin. Can you return it.? I haven't had the problem with my cotton and it's a cheaper one too as I do sew many kids and community quilts...

  2. I like the batting to be thicker....feels more snug.....