Sunday, May 22, 2016

Getting Mum organised

I have been busy preparing things for Mum to do while she is staying at my sister's place. 

I find that I have to get Mum to do things to keep her mind active (dementia), so I always cut things out and place things in front of her and mention what she has to do.  I do everything except the sewing...she is still a perfectionist when it comes to sewing.

 Mum LOVES doing applique on her machine, so I am bagging each item separately with its matching top & bobbin threads... labeling EVERYTHING.
 I die cut these cute cars.. you waste a lot of fabric and vilisoflex, valisoflex, ... sticky stuff on the back of the fabric, but I think it is worth it...they are so cute, and will look even better after they have been stitched with blanket stitch.
The I found this Chook Shed pattern and started cutting one out...and thought..what the heck!...I'll cut 2 out and Mum can blanket stitch both of these. 

Mum use to knit the cotton dish cloths, but now she has forgotten how to knit.... so I must keep the sewing up, plus she reads a weekly Scottish magazine (People's Friend), and sleeps watches TV.

Tomorrow I must get some hand stitching prepared for me.

Until next post...


  1. Such lovely bright projects to keep Mum busy. Mum is lucky to have you.

  2. Your mum does gorgeous sewing... and will be happy to get into those packages of yours I think.
    LoVe the NOEL runners... xox