Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Quilt from Peg

I received another Peg Coen quilt in the mail yesterday (when does that lady sleep?).

I had to finish a quilt on the machine before I could get onto Peg's, but today it was all clear sailing with her lovely quilt:

Here it is on the machine:
 The following shows the pattern I am stitching.
The red shows what has already been sewn.
The black shows what has to be sewn before I have to wind on the quilt.
The teal shows how many more rows has to be sewn before the quilt is finished.
 A close up of the backing after it has been quilted.
 All folded and ready to go back to Peg to bind.
Just LOVE working on Peg's quilts!

Until next post...

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