Sunday, October 18, 2015

Feeding the Chickens

Another "Mum and Me" quilt.

This kit was a VERY simple quilt to make.  I bought the kit & gifted it to my sister, as she loves her chooks...she is actually known as "The Chook Lady" in her small town.
Well, she has moved her love of quilting to loving Scrap-booking & Card-making, so she asked me to sell all of her kits & patterns on eBay.

Well, seeing I gave this kit to her, I kept it to make up myself!... well Mum & I to make it up.
I quilted it with a leaf pattern..

My Quilt & Craft Sale is coming up (5th Dec), so Mum & I are busy making those last minite things to go into it.

Yes, this quilt will be in the sale.

Until next post...