Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easter swap 2015

 Easter is approaching and it is time to gather names for my 2015 Easter Swap on the same lines as last year.
The way the swap works is to send 10 items to a fellow swapper. (The person you send to is NOT the same as you will receive from).

The way these items are to be chosen are – they have to start with each letter in
 "EASTER TIME".  The items can be handmade or bought or both.
E - Egg, Eraser
A - Apron, Apple Fabric
S - Sunflower seeds, Smiley fabric
T - Tea Towel, Trims
E - Envelopes, $8
R - Ribbon, Recipe 

T - Tea, Toffee
I - Ink pen, Ice cream scoop
M -Mittens, Mug
E - Ear rings, Elephant
That is just some ideas I have come up with …
 but I am sure you all can come up with others.

Open world wide.  Closing date for names is midnight 18th March Australian time and I will send out names within a day or two and posting date is 23rd March... so start getting your items together!
Anyone interested?   Leave a comment or email me.
I will need to know the following information from you in an email:
Snail Mail Address: 
Blog (if you have one):
Are you happy to swap with someone who does NOT have a blog?:
Are you happy to send overseas?:
Unfortunately, I won't be able to answer anyone from 21st Feb till 12th March, as I will be on a tour with my Mum in Tasmania, and I don't have access to a computer during that time (no I don't own an Ipad or similar), so if there are any questions, just click on Fiona and she will hopefully be able to answer any questions.

Feel free to use my icon on your side bar and also, I would LOVE for you to advertise this swap on your blog to gather more names.

Until next post..