Sunday, October 26, 2014

Busy with quilting quilts

 I received this quilt on Thursday, so I decided to pin it that night, then quilt it on Friday..which I did, and the customer picked it up on Friday afternoon.... 
....just before she arrived to pick it up, another lady dropped the following quilt off, so I pinned it last night (Saturday) and quilted it this morning... navy blue thread on the top....
 The back was a plain navy blue fabric, so I used contrast thread on the back
 (matching the aqua blue in the fabric on the top).
I REALLY like the way this one turned out.... 2 quilts in one...front & back!
I will be dropping off this quilt tomorrow...hope she likes it, as I was given no guidelines on how she wanted it quilted!

Another lady arrived today (new client) with 2 quilts for me... far I have been able to stick to "returning the quilt within a week of receiving it".

Until next post....

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