Thursday, March 20, 2014

First item in the Seasonal Yarn Club

I received this in the mail last week... LOVED the message on the box....
 I tore it open (but forgot to take a picture when I did, so this was only just taken).
Along with the yarn & instructions, there was a letter, a leaf wrist band, homemade shortbread, (they arrived just in time for morning tea), a storage bag and all that lovely colourful packing.
 This month we were given the choice of making one of the 2 "leaf" dish cloths.. so I made both, as the yarn she sent made both, plus I have more left over to make a few more!
Can't wait to see what "April's" project will be.

Until next post...


  1. What an Interesting Swap...Your Leaves are Lovely

  2. What an exciting club - I'll look forward to seeing what comes over the next few months. Your leaf dishcloths look great!