Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I have been away!

 Sorry I have not written on my blog for over a month, (my Christmas swap partners must have been worried about the lack of entries to my blog!), but at the end of September I made a snap decision to go to the States to attend a Statler Gammill seminar and off I went to the States for 5 weeks.

The first morning of the seminar, I will say I was "treading water" with all the information being thrown at us, then in the afternoon, I completely "drowned".  Luckily the next 2 days were a mixture of both lessons. Speaking to people who have attended every year, they say that they felt the same way I did the first year, but with experience with their machines, they found going every year beneficial.

Of course, while I was in the States, I bought up on fabric, buying 100's of yards to add to my stash.
I also went shopping... let's just say, the American economy certainly had a boost while I was there!

 Must tell you a funny story... the last airport I was at to come home was Los Angeles.  It has only just fully opened that day after the fatal shooting a few days earlier... well, just as I was about to go through the security body scanning X ray, I had a "hot flush" (ain't menopause something!).  Well it must have shown up during the scanning.. I was pulled aside, told to put my arms up and I was frisked, then swabs were taken from both palms of my hands and put through the drug detection machine... of course I was clear on all accounts and let go... on leaving I mentioned to the female attendant that I just had a "hot flush" and she said that it looked like I was sweating through being nervous.. something that drug mules often do.

Must keep unpacking...
Until next post...

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  1. Goodness, what an adventure at the airport! If you weren't sweating before you certainly would have been sweating then! Glad you had a worthwhile trip and also got home safely.