Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quilt Top Finished

The above photo is what the quilt top looked like last week, when I was stuck with how to make it bigger..

The photo below is how it finished up.  I added a couple of thin borders, then the stack of coins with embroided corner pieces, then another thin border and finished with a wider border of the navy blue.

Due to the size, I had to hang it sideways, then flip it to be the right way up.
The photo doesn't do it justice, but I am SO happy with how it has turned out.
The size is about 86" x 96".  I am going to have it quilted, then sew it like a huge pillowcase with a queen size flat sheet to turn it into a doona cover.

The big decision now is whether I send it away to be quilted, or store it for another year or two, then quilt it myself when I have mastered the Gammil machine.  The blocks have been sitting in the cupboard for over 2 years, so why rush now to have it finished?

Until next post..

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  1. The border looks fantastic Julie. It turned out really well and frames the quilt beautifully. toni xx