Friday, March 8, 2013

Help needed with quilt

Over 2 years ago, I went to a retreat to learn how to use my embroidery machine, and as I am a person who refuses to make samples as they are a waste of time & materials, the teacher got me to embroider straight onto cream and white fabrics.

She got me to sew on point and also sew with an iron on wadding that can be peeled off very easily.  I wanted to end up with a queen size quilt.  She told me to make 12 patch squares out of different blue fabrics for alternate squares, when I got home, sewing with wadding all the time, then butt the squares together, etc etc,

I came home with all the embroidered squares, had all intentions to go ahead with what she said and finish the quilt.  Then I started to dislike the idea of butting together, also being on point was making it harder for me to work out the edges ...  I started to get upset with the project and ended up shoving it into the cupboard to be forgotten.

When I moved late last year, I came across it again and started to wonder how I could finish it...
So... I trimmed all the wadding back to the embroidery.
I cut down the squares to 8.5" & added the triangles to each corner, turning them into a square.
I added the tram tracks and now the quilt is 57" x 70"

Now for YOUR help... I need to add another 10" each side to make it about 77 x 90" as I want to make it into a Doona Cover.
I don't want plain borders, I don't want anything hard or appliqued.
I don't have much of the blue fabric left, but I do have enough white/blue fabric (used in trams) to make another 3" border.

  4" Flying Geese?  Picket Fence? ???????

I just can't work out what to do next, (I am over it, know what I mean?)...PLEASE HELP!!!

Until next post..


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  1. What about adding an embroidered panel down each side and then finish each side with a border of the white/blue (tram track) fabric? Its a bit hard to see the colours but could you use something similar in colour to the darker embroidered squares, is it a taupe or a light tan?