Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sewing & Garage Sales

I bought some 100% cotton white tea towels while I was in the States last year (with the idea of embroidering them for my craft/quilt sale in December) and decided to wash one and then embroider it, then use it to see how absorbent they were.  I was VERY happy with the results as the tea towel is so soft and dried the dishes nicely.
They are HUGE - 32" x 38" - where normal tea towels are about 20" x 28".
I have made 8 and got another 8 to make... I am going to sell them for $4 each.
I have been making more of my Choko Pickles.
I just LOVE going to garage sales most Saturdays with my boyfriend, and I bought this carry tray for $2.  
I also bought this basket of stretch fabric (fleece, interlock & heaps of ribbing) for $15 and the basket was thrown in too.  I will make pyjamas & nighties for my daughter & grandchildren.
The BEST bargain I got was a wooden towel rail for $2.  I am going to use it as a quilt display boyfriend is sanding it back & will stain & lacquer it for me... so I can't show you a photo of it as it is at his place!

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  1. How good is THAT carry tray... and only for $! :)