Monday, April 23, 2012

Flat Stanley

 A friend of mine in the States has asked me to help her grandson with a school project.  Apparently the class has read a book called "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown.  In the story, Stanley gets flattened by a billboard falling on him and now Stanley can slid under doors, fly like a kite etc... The class project is to send a Flat Stanley to someone and have them take him around and send him back with photos and places of where he has been.  Well this Flat Stanley has travelled to Australia.

Here is how I started "my" story of Flat Stanley:

"Now Flat Stanley, I am sending you off with my Grandma Jane to visit her friend, Miss Julie, in Australia, so you can come back to me and tell me all about that land down under, Goodbye!". Flat Stanley was placed into Grandma Jane’s handbag to begin his journey.

"I'm so excited", thought Flat Stanley, "Australia! Yippee! I hope I get to see lots and lots while I'm there!"
It was fun to do.
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  1. What fun to have Flat Stanley come to visit.
    I was sad a I could not get the video to work...