Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rhubarb Jams

Yesterday, while going to Garage Sales, I saw a sign on a front fence saying "Rhubarb for Sale"... so thinking I would love some stewed rhubarb , passion fruit and custard, I had my boyfriend do a "U Turn" (insert exasperated groan from him) and we went to the front door and knocked loudly.

There wasn't an answer, so we decided to try the back door... we found a VERY old man down the back, pottering around. I asked how much his rhubarb was and he said, "$2, $3, $4". So I gave him $4 and he took us to his rhubarb patch... man those plants were on steroids!!... he kept picking and gave me an armful!

I came home, looked up the computer for "Rhubarb Jam" and found 2 recipes, and here they are:

"Rhubarb, Apple & Passion fruit Jam" & "Rhubarb and Fig Jam". I have tried both on a piece of fresh bread and they are YUMMY.

I didn't end up with any left over for stewing, so I have asked my boyfriend if we could go back to that man's place again next Saturday to buy more (insert another exasperated groan from him here!).

I have also finished binding the queen sized quilt, but it is raining cats and dogs at the moment, so I can't photograph it.. only one quilt to go!

Until next post....

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    I love rhubarb too.. especially rhubarb and apple pudding. Lucky you! :)