Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Garden

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to add to my blog, but I have been busy making more Lemon Curd and Marmalade, and I am sure you don't need to see more photos of them... I had to make a special BIG batch of Lemon Curd for a local Cafe for a function this weekend... my name is getting out there for my jams!

Anyways... I thought I would go out in my garden and show you some of what is growing:

This is a Bird of Paradise bush... I have been told by the gardeners in my town that I have the largest bush in town... not bad seeing I had my boyfriend CHAINSAW it down to an inch of it's life 3 years ago.

Here is a close up of the beautiful flower on it:

Next is an Azalea.. it is a variegated pink one.

Now here are my passion fruit.. my oh my they are whoppers!.. one passion fruit yields half a cup of pulp... this is the first year since planting it:

Next is my Nasturtiums (I call it Penny Weed, much to my Mum's disgust).. I keep pulling it out by the roots but it just keeps on keeping on!

How do I get such great results?... I have a wonderful boyfriend with a green thumb and loves gardening.... so he looks after my garden and I am meant to water the few pot plants I have near the back door...

Hence this is my Mint:

My idea of plants... if they thrive on neglect, then they are my type of plant!

Until next post...


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