Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My daughter's new Luggage Label

My daughter is "RM Williams Mad".

She has RM Williams jeans, tops, jumpers, car seat covers, steering wheel cover, car mats, key ring... got the idea?, as I said, RM Williams mad.

So for a bit of fun, I bought a pair of shabby RM Williams moleskin jeans from the local Op-Shop for $5, cut off the leg (to make the label out of it) and unpicked the leather badge, sewed it onto the made label, then....

downloaded the logo from the net, printed her name (blanked out here) and viola! a one of a kind luggage label.

I posted it to her and she received it today. One VERY excited nearly 30 year old daughter... now she wants more, one each for my 2 grand children and also my son in law... but due to the fact I don't have anymore of these jeans and I am sure copyright would kick in if I made more than one.

Until next post..

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