Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flying Fox Caught

I asked my boyfriend (BF) to pick the figs for me this morning, as I call it "Fort Knox" to get to it since he put up the mesh so the birds wouldn't eat my figs this year. He called out to me to tell me that there wouldn't be any figs today and come down and have a look why. So down I went thinking that fruit fly had taken the last of my crop, but I was wrong, as you can see:

We have no way of knowing how the flying fox got in, but it certainly made a feast of it while it was in there, as there wasn't a ripe fig left, only a few small green ones coming on. My BF opened one end of the netting to let it out but the fox panicked and got one of its wings caught through the netting:

So my BF had to cut the netting away from its wing and then let another side of the netting open out and finally, after some coaxing the flying fox flew away.
I was so taken by the size of the flying fox as it flew away, I forgot to take another photo of it...I'd say the length of each wing was over a foot long. I hope it doesn't come back tonight and bring its friends!

Well I won't ne making Fig Jam tonight!
Until next post...



  1. WOW. I think I would have freaked out big style if I saw that. Flying creatures scare me.

  2. *giggle* it's bird netting, not bat netting *vbg* toni xxx