Monday, February 8, 2010

Awaiting the 3rd Expense

Well, they say things happen in threes... so two things have been thrown out and now I am awaiting the third thing to happen.

The first thing I had to throw out was my preserving pan (and it was a nice thick bottomed expensive one!). You see, I was reheating some jam to make it thicker and kept emptying the bottles into it, but forgot I had turned the hotplate on high. So as you can imagine, the jam burnt on the bottom, and when I say burnt, I mean BURNT! I had to throw out 8 pounds of fig jam and after 2 days of trying to scrub the bottom of the pan (even my boyfriend tried to clean it), I threw it into the bin, along with the jam for collection last Tuesday night.

The second thing I threw into the bin was my heavy duty iron. I went home from work today at lunchtime with all intentions of ironing my blouses, so I plugged in the iron and BANG! went the power to my house. I reset the trip switch and used a different power point, but the iron set it off again. So needless to say the blouses are still in a wrinkled heap!

Oh dear... what will it be???

Until next post..


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