Thursday, September 10, 2009

Charity Quilt

Last year I was in a row by row swap and decided to donate the finished quilt to charity. I named the quilt "The Toy Shelf" and invited the swap ladies to add a "shelf" of their favourite toy from their childhood to the quilt.

Along with adding the row, they took a photo of their progress of the quilt on a disposable camera and also wrote a few words on why they chose the toy they did.

I started the quilt with the bottom row of the teddy bears, as I just love teddies, and still have my first teddy given to me as a baby, oh so many decades ago!

Then the next ladies added matchbox cars, rag dolls, dinosaurs and kites, trains and lastly boxes of crayons, marbles and building blocks that went in the back of a toy ute.

I added the borders, and took it to the quilter who only charged me half price. I finished the quilt with the binding and was very pleased with the end result. I also put a book together of the photos and writings to go with the quilt.

I wrapped the quilt and book up and presented it to the "Orange & District Breast Cancer Support Group" for them to raffle. They have made the quilt first prize with other smaller prizes for runners ups.

If you are interested....the tickets are selling for $2 each and will be drawn on 26th October.


  1. It looks great, Julie, such a beautiful quilt. I hope it goes to a deserving home and I am sure it will raise lots of money for a good cause!

  2. Beautiful quilt Julie. I'm sure tickets will sell fast. What a wonderful idea and worthy cause...hugs