Sunday, October 23, 2016

Time gets away!

I can't believe it is over 2 weeks since I posted on my blog!
As I keep saying, "I have been busy!".

I have "just" finished this cute Christmas quilt.  I bought the kit when I was in the States this year.
 I also bought these matching fabrics while over there and made this simple, but effective single bed quilt.
 ...and here is the back of it to show the stitch I used to quilt it all together.  
The stitch is called "bowtique".
 While I have been quilting & sewing, Mum has been tidying up my stash and I saw the teddy bear fabric in a neatly folded pile she had just I fussy cut it and "sort of" followed a picture of a quilt I saw on the computer, I tweaked it a bit and Mum pieced it together.
I was showing a customer the stitch pattern I used on the teddy bear quilt ....
...... to cut a long story short....she bought the quilt! 

Until next post...

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