Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Do you know what a LILLY PILLY is?

Last month, while at Bingo (yes, I play Bingo...and LOVE it).. the 2 sisters who sit on the table in front of me (same vintage as my Mum), were talking about when they were young, their Mum use to make Lilly Pilly Jam.  They tried to explain what a Lilly Pilly was, but I ended up coming home & "googled" it.

They are no bigger than a cherry in size, and when sliced open (VERY easily) they have a singular hard black seed in the middle.  They have the crispness of an apple and starchy but sort of sweet.

I came home & told my hubby and...guess what?... we have 3 trees on our property.
So, hubby picked a heap of them, and my Mum, granddaughter & I got in and made jam.
    I bottled them into my smallest jars.....
and took 2 jars to Bingo last Monday and gave the two sisters a bottle each.

Lesson learnt here.. I must take more notice of what is growing in my own back yard!  LOL!

Until next post...


  1. Good on you. I don't think they grow here. Too frosty. Is it tasty jam?

  2. I remember it when I was young but can't exactly remember the taste...lovely native trees. That was such a nice gift for your friends x