Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two Flintstone quilts for the price of one!

Now that Mum is living here, I am desperate for more cupboard space!
Remember a couple of months back I was offering to sell these quilts for $200 each?
Well now they are $100 each, plus $25 postage (within Australia) for BOTH quilts!
So for $225 you will have 2 BRAND NEW quilts!

They are "The Flintstones". 
I have 2 Flintstones Quilts  - a "Green" and a "Yellow" version.
The backs are different.
They are BOTH the same size of
58" x 70" (147cm x 178cm).
Both quilts were made with pre-washed 100% cotton fabric
and both quilted by a professional quilter (not me!).

Overseas buyers please email me for a quote on postage to your country!
  They can be bought as a pair or separately.

Until next post...

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