Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flowers, Fish, Jewellery

Still showing you some Fiji photos

These are some of the beautiful flowers in bloom while I was there:

The blue star fish and the colourful fish:

 This is my grand daughters braids... it took 3 hours for the 91 braids to me done
This is how bingo is played over there.. with rocks!

Then I spoilt myself with these 2 pieces of jewellery
Made from Coconuts

Black fresh water pearls

While I was over there I felt unwell for a couple of days, not the tummy bug, but very sore throat, tired, aching arms & legs and VERY tired (slept for a day and half solid, only getting up to "try" to eat).  I put it down to the air conditioning and all the walking & stairs climbing I was doing, so I thought I would shake it off when I got back, but my throat got worse.  I eventually made a doctor's appointment yesterday, only to find out I have Glandular Fever.
I am on medication to reduce the swelling and the inflammation.  But the cure is rest.

So what does a quilter/patch worker do for rest?  SEW!!
Tomorrow I will show you what I have been up to!

Until next post...

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