Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jelly Roll Quilt Race

I have been told by a frind from the States about this new craze going on over there.... a quilt top made in under an hour!
Here is the link to the Video clip:

42 strips - size without border 48" x 64 ( 3yrds total fabric)
55 strips - size without border 55" x 84
69 strips - size without border 70" x 84"
82 strips - size without border 78" x 88"
96 strips - size without border 88" x 92"

Cut 18" off the first strip, this will be extra.
Sew all strips together on a diagonal on one selvage end ( like binding)
fold strips on top of each other and sew on right side, cut the fold when
you get to the bottom end. Open and place right sides together and repeat
for a total of 5 times (for 42 strips). More repeats are needed when using
more strips.
You can press as you go or you can press when you are completely done.

I think I might be using this idea to use up a lot of my fabric ends... doesn't have to be only Jelly Rolls!

What do you think?

Until next post...


  1. I did one of these at a retreat last year....lots of fun..........the first strip joining seems to take forever but the next few go really fast and it comes together very well........

  2. Oh how cool! I might have a go at this- there are a few jelly rolls in my stash that I need to use :-)