Saturday, June 9, 2012

Horsey Quilt Finished

I had so much fabric left over from the Cowgirl quilt I was commissioned to make, I thought I would make another "Horse" quilt. 
Well, that isn't exactly the truth, you see, both Mum and I made it... when Mum was here for a week a couple of months ago, I cut out, ironed and arranged, while my Mum was chained sat at the sewing machine and just sewed and sewed.  It is a tad larger than a single bed quilt.  
The above photo is the front and the photo below is the back.
The photos don't show how really nice the quilt is. 
This quilt is now put away with the others to be brought out for my Quilt & Craft Sale I have in December.

Until next post..


  1. Often photos don't do our quilts justice..
    But I think your Cowgirl quilt looks great. Love the way you have pieced the back.

  2. The quilt looks great- and I just LOVE the backing! It must have taken almost as long as the top to make :-)