Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MORE Preserving!

I have been making Fig Jam every second or third day for a couple of months now, and now the figs are starting to come to an end, with this last lot being made last Saturday:

I was starting to look forward to some time to sew or knit instead of bottling food, but then my boyfriend says to me that the Choko vine is starting to produce and he came in with a bucket of chokos last night...


so I cut up lots of chokos and vegetables last night, set it aside to soak, took the excess chokos to work and gave them away to my fellow workers, then came home from work tonight and made some Choko Pickles:

I have found an interesting Choko Relish recipe, which I will make up next week with some of what is picked then.

Until next post...

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