Sunday, October 30, 2011

My travel planes to USA in the air!

I was enjoying my weekend yesterday afternoon, turned the TV on for the news and watched in horror that Qantas has grounded all their flight's, both domestic and international, indefinitely.... I am booked with Qantas to fly to USA on Saturday.

Fun and games now begin to change airlines. Qantas is refunding all "their" tickets (wonder when I will get that money back?), but I will lose the money I paid for the connecting flights with Delta in the States, even thou I am doesn't cover this.

So now I will have to pay full fare for my flights, as I got "early bird" fares when I booked in June.

At least I am not stranded like the ones who are travelling yesterday and today...I have a few days to rebook.

So much for staying loyal to Australian airlines!

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