Thursday, August 18, 2011

Google Download Problems

I have been trying for 4 days now to download photos to go with what I wrote, but I keep getting that "error 502" I went looking, and someone said in a comment ages ago to empty your "cookies"... being not real computer gifted I took ages to work that one out (with a phone call to the computer guys here in Hicksville).... made no difference... Back to square one.

So I then decided to "defrag" my computer.. another phone call to the computer guys... all done and still no difference.... another phone call to computer guys and they told me to put the photos onto a thumb drive and bring it down to the shop and they would see if they could do my blog there..

So off I trotted to the computer shop with thumb drive in hand, and they sat down with me and tried to add the photos to my blog... no luck.

They then went into different screens and saw that my photos were compatible to the blog and all sorts of things, then they went somewhere else and found a lot of comments "all over the world" that people are currently having trouble downloading photos.

So it is a GOOGLE problem.... about time they fixed it as it has been at least 4 days that I know this is happening!

Until next post..



  1. good luck soon Julie,very frustrating

  2. I thought it was me, now I know I am not the only one. Hopefully the prob will be fixed soon.

  3. How frustrating! I've been posting with Windows Live Writer for a while now and haven't had any dramas. Touch Wood! Here's hoping your problems are sorted out soon.