Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Block 10...oops!!!

I took a day off work today (as "annual leave") so I could do some sewing. I started the day by making 2 pairs of pillowcases for a personal swap with two dear friends, so I can't show you them yet, but I also made Block 10 from the Fat Quarter Shop's BOM.

BUT!! I didn't realise that I had cut the 2 big rectangles 1/2" short... and this would have to be from a fabric that hasn't been in any blocks before, so I couldn't re cut it from the extras, so I decided to cut another 1/2" off the bottom and add a red bottom. The block is called "All wrapped up in tinsel" mine has tinsel on the bottom too! LOL!

Until next post..



  1. what a good save Julie and your block looks great

  2. I love your mistake. Looks great.
    Enjoy the day off.

  3. I Agree the Red on the Bottom looks Great...

  4. This is a pretty block. I love the fabric, so fresh

  5. I think it looks great. Can NeVeR have too much red tinsel! :)