Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anyone out there? & GIVEAWAY!

Hello... I have been a bit slack lately with writing up my blog, but I have been oh so busy!
I have been trying to clean up my "stash" and this is what I have had to battle with:

This is a sneak photo of some of my stash in one of my built in cupboards. These 3 shelves are crammed with kits that I have bought. Most were bought on a trip over to Paducah, USA, 2 years ago...believe me, I have made up some, but they seem to be multiplying!

I have also finished reading these 2 books by Kate Jacobs: The Friday Night Knitting Club & it's sequel Knit Two. Near the end of book one, I had trouble reading through my tears...I won't let on what happened but it was an ending that I didn't expect.

Now lastly, the GIVEAWAY!!... as I love reading comments left on my blog, and I haven't had that many lately, I thought I would spur you on and ask you to leave me a message, and I will put ALL your names in a bowl and draw one out to win this kit by Hugs 'n Kisses. I will draw the winner on Sunday 18 April...that's 4 days away... so pass the word... Overseas entries welcome!

Until next post.



  1. What a great giveaway. You'd better count me in.

  2. Courage to you for battling with your stash!
    At present my stash and I have a war of attrition.
    Occasionally there are are yarn 'casualties' as I donate items or throw out junk but then whatever is left makes a land grab and I seem to have less space than before!

  3. Wow, Julie, what a collection! Must be lots of memories there of your overseas travels. Count me in for your giveaway!

  4. yeh I am here........what is Kate 's books like????? Good read????
    Good to have a few kits for

  5. I've made this kit before but gave it away so am hoping I will get to make one to keep!!
    Have fun sorting out the cupboard!!

  6. Such a pretty pattern and kit. Great giveaway Julie! toni xxx

  7. Stitching One of my favourite things to do in front of the TV Sheryl told me about your blog. Thanks Sheryl. Great to be inspired by other quilters.

  8. Hi Julie I am slack still reading just not commenting like I should
    would love to be in the draw
    hugs Beth

  9. Hi Julie, I've been surfing the internet looking at quilting blogs and came across yours. I agree with you comments are so nice. Although I must confess I have a horrible mess in my sewing room too. It's totally not like me. Maybe it's something that just happens with sewing rooms. My solution (for today anyway) is just shut the door and go sew! LOL!!!

  10. Hello Julie, I just found you, nice to meet you, please include me in your giveaway, love the cute angeles kit you're giving away, the cutest thing I saw today :)